So I had a surprise Birthday Party & this is what happened...

Have you ever had a surprise birthday party? Just a few weeks ago I would have said no too. This year that all changed…

My mom, boyfriend, and best friend planned an entire surprise birthday party for me behind my back! I was completely shocked. Not only was I shocked when everyone came out from their hiding places to yell SURPRISEEEE. I was also shocked that my friends, my team, and my family were all keeping this secret. I couldn’t believe they actually pulled it off, I’m still shocked lol.

My friends flew all the way from Atlanta to celebrate me and I wasn’t just surprised, I was grateful. What was also a surprise is the location. We had my birthday party at BlaqHaus, which is a black owned restaurant in North Hollywood. Most importantly, my friend owns it and I watched her built inside and out. I was so happy to have it at her restaurant because she just opened it 2 months prior. Check it out when you can, great food and even better vibes!!!

I had my family and friends from Atlanta and LA all under one roof and it felt amazing! Amazing that we could all come together and set aside our busy lifestyles to create time for fellowship. I couldn’t have planned a better birthday.

My birthday was August 9th.

Here are some of the photos from that very special night… Enjoy!

All photos were captured and edited by @JecobyandCompany