Saturday's Look

It’s SATURDAY! Our favorite day of the week — Saturdays are chill days for self-care, finishing up work projects, go to day parties or events. This casual look pops with a striped dad hat; delivering a firm women’s empowerment statement so timely. Sonique always wanted to associate herself with something that would make people smile and connect. Everyone loves Saturdays because it's the 1st day of the week for most Americans to be able to do whatever they want. That's primarily the best part; on Saturdays you are in charge the entire day!

Sonique Saturday has this same energy. She does exactly what she wants within her brand every single day and this is how we want people to feel when they purchase SoniqueSaturday products. Unlike most days throughout the week, Saturday is the only real day that you are your own boss — we want people to live everyday of the week like it's a Saturday! 



  • Black and white striped baseball cap

  • Purple tassle earrings

  • grey and white "Women change the world" in honor of Women’s History Month

  • Army green painter pants

  • white croc look alikes by Target

  • [BAG ] (black) "Don't follow me, I'm lost too" — available for purchase HERE

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