Thursday's Look

Thursdays is date night! This is the one night that Sonique takes time out to explore LA with her boyfriend. Hard working women, you must have date nights -- Add it into your calendars ASAP!  Sometimes it is essential to disconnect from the usual routine to have a better engagement with your significant other. Beautiful moments to dress up; and wear something real sexy and ladylike.  This outfit screams Queen without having to rock the physical crown; it’s only suiting for an evening of exploring the city of stars with the ones you love. Sonique Saturday recently went to a pho restaurant to have a date night. It was great -- maybe you can recommend places with eat good Pho in LA.



Light cream mid-waist jacket

Lace white bralette

Denim blue short skirt

Gold chunky flower necklace

Silver and gold double hoop earrings

Copper tone strappy heel by ZARA

[BAG] (mini) “You Fake Like This Kelly” -- SOLD OUT / NOT AVAILABLE

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