SS State of the Union: WOKE AF!


blackface turtlenecks. GUCCI.

blackface-keychain figurines. PRADA.

blackface figures seen in minstrel shows. MONCLER.

… a hoodie with noose around the neck? really BURBERRY?

Image 2-25-19 at 5.24 PM.jpeg

Throw the whole “high-fashion” industry away! Why are we continuously still having these conversations? Why are black people still investing our hard-earned money into high fashion brands who endorse propaganda? — “luxury” brands making a mockery of our culture, stealing our ideas, and attempting to mimic our creativity. STILL!

Might I submit for your consideration: Gucci FW 2016. “the Imitation Collection”— when designers sent, Sonique Saturday handbag concepts down a runway during Milan Fashion Week. with no recognition/ no compensation for your girl.

I mean if these brands want to be black so bad; why not invest into black designers and creative directors? If these brands want to promote our heritage so much; why are we spending hundreds of dollars to rock their depiction of our struggles, stitched with their labels? If our culture is so marketable, why not make purchases from black-owned businesses? Thats why black owned brands have come and gone… a lack of support.

Why does black culture consistently have to promote awareness on the importance of supporting each others business endeavors - when really, this should be given! Black people want a reward for supporting black businesses. This gives us economical power and freedom. You investing in your own creative pioneers gives them the ability to make change in fashion. Fashion is a money game. Why do we have to convince one another to support our own?

Do you actually support or just say you do for clout?


"If you throw money out of the window throw it out with joy. Don’t say: 'one shouldn’t do that' - that is bourgeois."

R.I.P. Karl Lagerfeld: a Fashion Icon.